Welcome to Greenlineā„¢

The GreenlineTM system of cabinetry allows you to choose an innovative and planet friendly system of cabinets, countertops, and interior trim made from renewable resources free from off-gassing resins. For both architects and residential customers, GreenlineTM cabinets meet strenuous structural, environmental and practical specifications.

Our premium strawboard cores are made from North America's largest annually renewable resource, offering superior properties of moisture swell, elasticity, strength and density. Non-toxic adhesives eliminate volatile solvent emissions. Our hardware meets the highest international standards of environmental safety, and our custom cabinet designs offer an exclusive safe corner option that eliminates sharp corners.

For interior applications ranging from assisted living and child care centers to health care facilities and other environmentally-sensitive contexts, GreenlineTM can provide a custom cabinet system or modular option to meet your storage needs in a planet-friendly way.